Funambule sans filet
Lyrics: Valérie Sajdik & Mildred Hager
Music: David Bronner
Inspired by the poem “Seiltaenzerin ohne Netz” by Mascha Kaleko

N´aie pas peur de tomber
Tu fais deux pas en avant,
Un pas en arrière

Les yeux tout droit, tiens l´équilibre

Vole dans l´air du temps
Et ne perds jamais confiance
Funambule danse

Somnambule sans regrets

N´aie pas peur du réveil
Car tu vis auprès d´un rêve

Que pour le présent

Les yeux figés, sans rien voir
Noyé dans l´air du temps

Et tes rêves te balancent
Somnambule danse

Baudelaire’s dog
Lyrics: Valérie Sajdik
Music: Cédric Chauveau
Replica to Baudelaire´s poem: „Le chien et le flacon“

Don´t get too near my dear
Don´t throw another bone to me
Cause I´m a dangerous dog

I´m always here lurking
I´m always on the prowl
I am savage I´m a beast

Don´t ever think that by keeping a dog on a leash
It won´t jump someday soon at your neck
Or your back

This is my territory
Show me some fear, my darling
Observe my boundaries night and day
Watch your mouth
Cause my wounds have yet to heal

Someone take me back to the animal shelter
I can´t put up with your helter skelter

My past gets me going, dear
So can you please step back from me
there´s yet enough adversity
Hear me?

I´m not your lap dog
You smell like a pauper poet
Not even your perfume can cover this up

Don´t ever think that by leading me around by the nose
I won´t  make a snap someday soon at your neck
or your tush

So don´t call me Toutou
Cause I won´t fawn for you
Don´t give a shit about your verses
Your feces
Cause I got flair –

And I hate Baudelaire





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