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The SAINT PRIVAT project with producer and DJ Klaus Waldeck and Valérie Sajdik has existed since 2004 with the release of a first album “Riviera“.

The second album “Superflu” was released in 2007. Despite the international success of both albums and the Austrian Amadeus Music Award, the protagonists concentrated on their solo careers for the next few years… Then their song “Poisson Rouge” was selected as a trailer for the Hollywood movie “A simple favor”… and reached over 10 million streams. A third opus will be released in 2023! The new album has been recorded, co-written by Valerie and Waldeck.

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It was not until the beginning of 2021 that Waldeck and Valerie got together and planned a comeback album, which they have been working hard on ever since and which is due in June 2023. In the meantime, we can look forward to the single “Boom Boom Click”, placed in the “Emily in Paris” series. And the new edit of ‘Le Superflu’.

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Boom Boom Click:
With “Boom Boom Click”, “Saint Privat” pay tribute to the singer Claudine Longet, who killed her lover in the 1970s. Due to a procedural error, she only served one month in prison, and then only at weekends. Today she is still married to the lawyer who defended her at the time. In perpetuity, so to speak.

Exactly 20 years ago, in 2002, Klaus Waldeck and Valerie Sajdik recorded their first song. It was a cover of the song “Nothing to lose” from the film “The Party” with Peter Sellers. As if by chance or fate, it is Claudine Longet herself who sings the original version and who also appears in the film.

Saint Privat celebrates its return with the song “Boom Boom Click”. freely inspired by the motto “Nothing to lose“. and thus announces his third album.

Here’s a selection of Saint Privat’s songs:
Poisson Rouge
Tous les jours
Une dernière cigarette

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