3 juillet 2024
Jazz Festival Istanbul
Time: 21:30
Venue: Jazz Festival Istanbul
Address: Garden of the Austrian Consulate
Country: TU

Valerie with her band Saint Privat at the Jazz festival Istanbul in the garden of the Austrian Embassy.

On the award night of the festival, a journey to the southern shores of France with Saint Privat

In their debut album, Riviera, released in 2004, Saint Privat skillfully blended Bossa Nova, jazz, and electronic music. The emotion conveyed by the album was the same as its title: a seaside nostalgia reminiscent of the 1960s. The album Superflu, featuring mostly French songs, was released in 2006 following the Austrian Music Award-winning Riviera. The tracks from the album were used in films and television productions of the time, adding to Saint Privat’s fame. The duo separated the following year to focus on their solo careers and reunited in 2021 after several years apart. Apres la Boheme, an album present with psychedelic undertones and just the right dose of retro-chic, was released in 2023. One of the most beloved songs from the album, “Boom, boom click!” was featured in the final episode of the popular Netflix series Emily In Paris and accompanied guests on the red carpet at the 76th Cannes Film Festival.

On the award night of the 31st Istanbul Jazz Festival, Saint Privat will take the guests to a sunny day on the French shore. On the same night, the Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Awards will also be presented.

Doors open: 20.00

This event is for ages 7 and above. Attendees under 18 may join the event accompanied by an adult.

ID check at the door. Attendees are required to bring official proof of identity.

Cloakroom service is not available. Please refrain from bringing a bag larger than a handbag. Suitcases and large backpacks will not be permitted in the venue.

There is no parking available.

The event is standing-room only.

The venue is not suitable for disabled access. Please send an email to bilet@iksv.org with your name, surname, and the concert(s) you will be attending for us to assist disabled audience members to access the concert venue.

Gidon Oechsner: guitar
Rue Kostron : bass
Hermann Aigner: drum, Visuals, Loops, Soundeffects
Klaus Waldeck: Piano and Keys
Valerie: singing