Retour en haut

Comme ça

Comme ci comme ça
I´m here and you are far
Comme ci comme ça
But come soon

Comme ci comme ça
If you have to ask.
Mais oui, ça va
The days will surely pass
Comme ca comme ci
But please come back to me
Comme ci comme ça
But come soon

Comme ça comme ci
If  you ask mon avis
Monsieur- cest clair
You´re meant to be with me
Come close, ganz nah,
An inch would be too far
comme ci comme ça
But come soon

Don´t waste my time sir,
and finally walk the line sir,
there´s no need to study at the Sorbonne
to figure out that tomorrow I´ll be gone

Don´t waste my time sir
Not gonna wait in line sir
Cause if you push it too far
I give you feather and tar
And send you back to the USSR
Davai! (russisch: auf geht’s!)

by plane, by bus, by ship or on a train
Vas-y, fais-vite, or else auf wiedersehen
Go buy some stamps, and send yourself to me
Comme ci, comme ça,
but come soon

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